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We pride ourselves on product selection, and carry the complete line as authorised dealers who deal with Bulova, Satler, Howard Miller, Hermle, Kieninger and BilliB clocks to name but a few. We are also constantly expanding our product lines, to give you more and more choices of items to add to your life.

Uniquely we have access to UK stock for immediate delivery on most items.

We pay VAT & UK business tax.

The internet has many so called experts and it's not until you have placed your order, that you might find  the address is owned by a Greek company and your clock comes from Germany, nothing wrong with that we are all European.  However the delay can be considerable and sadly your guarantee is overseas too so 'Caveat Emptor' (buyer beware) as they say! We pay VAT and business rates in the UK and would be delighted to have your support we also comply with English selling law so no need for you to be an expert in another country's law law if not satisfied with your purchase.

Please look at our website and you will see we are NOT a typical or average internet shop and pride ourselves on our product knowledge and excellent customer service. We are able to call upon almost 50 years of knowledge in the UK clock trade and many more years from our business partners. We invite you to shop with us. You may well have found the single source that can meet all your clock needs, and much more.

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